The Gig Economy & Hospitality.​

A future to prepare for.

The employment landscape is evolving, with candidates from all generations demanding flexibility in their working patterns and seeking routes to achieve that goal. Roles at all levels in the hospitality industry are tailor-made for gig working, and the rise of this trend seems unstoppable, with new platforms available to access gig roles.

Is your business ready and able to accommodate a gig workforce? Have you started the process but need to understand how to develop further? Or are you unconvinced on how gig working will impact your business?


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Antony Woodcock, Founder and CEO of GIG

Arran McDowell, HR Director, Elior

Chris Barber, Consultant, CB Food Solutions

Marco Galer-Reick, People Director, LEON

P.J Kenny, General Manager, Hoxton

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